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Service and Restoration

Nostalgia Electronics services Jukeboxes for both business and home, old and new. We have been servicing this industry for over 45 years and we're familiar with every make and model on the market today.


If you are in need of servicing for your jukebox, pinball or slot machine, please inquire today for your no obligation quote.


Nostalgia Electronics is a Factory Authorized

Service Provider for Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

Services for Vintage, Modern, New & Used Jukeboxes. Rock-Ola • Wurlitzer • Seeburg • AMI/Rowe • and more!
We recommend your Jukebox should be serviced by an authorized service professional every 2 to 3 years to keep the parts running at peak performance. Don't let your Jukebox become an antique. Keep it running smoothly by scheduling service today.

Our Service Call consists of visiting the Client where Jukebox is located, lubricating moving parts, deoxidize the jukebox, troubleshoot any problems that may exist, and diagnose any suspicious areas. Service call does not include fixing any existing problems or issues associated with the jukebox.

This is a delivery after repairing a jukebox at the shop. My customer was very happy to have is jukebox back. But no help. At the end I had to have him help me a little. We laughed after it was all finished.

Here Jukebox George is working on a Rock-Ola Jukebox at Johnny Rockets. George has over 45 years in Jukebox and electrical service experience. When you need trusted Jukebox repair, Jukebox George is the person to contact.


Due to the nature of used jukebox parts; parts that are no longer manufacturered and their limited hard-to-find availability, Nostalgia Electronics does not guarantee or warranty in any way these used or refurbished mechanical parts, or the labor to install them. We do our best to find the part(s) needed and/or fix the parts that your old jukebox needs, but can not gaurantee them.

We have learned this; with proper care, cleaning and inspections of your Jukebox every two to three years, your refurbished, rebuilt, or repaired Jukebox will last longer. Thank you for understanding.

jukebox Restoration

Nostalgia Electronics has restored back to it's original form many jukeboxes throughout the years.  It's our pride and joy to take an old system and bring it back to life.  We know that each of these vintage machines is quite irreplaceable, so expertise born of tender, loving care is necessary during every step of the process. Years of dedication to this unique American art form stand behind Nostalgia Electronics' ability to make these quality restorations.

Restoration at Nostalgia Electronics is done in 3 stages: beginning with the dismantling and rebuilding of the unit; followed by cosmetic adjustments and finalized by restoration of the cabinet.

1. Tear it down and rebuild it


This stage involves dismantling the piece down to ground zero - stripping old finish, taking apart the mechanisms and electronics then rebuilding them back to the original specs. George. particularly enjoys working with articles from the 1940's to 1960's era.


2. Cosmetics


Chrome or Nickel plating that needs repair or restoration will be sent out for custom work. Once returned, it is lovingly reapplied to give your equipment that good-as-new appearance.

3. Cabinet


Plastics and displays are restored to their original appearance or replaced if necessary. They may be restored by a variety of means or replace with new plastic or glass.


4. Enjoy It!

Your favorite tunes being played through a nostalgic peice of art and looking great doing it. Put your refurbished jukebox in your game room, living room, office, or anywhere in your home to enjoy.

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