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The Rock-Ola Story

Setting the Standards for Quality Jukebox Manufacturing Since 1927.

Rock-Ola is the last, great Jukebox Factory in America.

The Rock-Ola company was founded by industry legend David C. Rockola. He would go on for 58 years to produce jukeboxes longer than anyone else in history. In his lifetime, David Rockola created and produced the most prolific variety of coin-operated machines in the industry. But it was his classic jukeboxes that inspired the term Rock & Roll and left an indelible mark on the music industry that literally echoes his name.

David C. Rockola

In 1927 he started the Rock-Ola Scale Company and later changed the name to Rock-Ola Manufacturing Company. In 1934 he surprised the world with he vaulted into the jukebox industry with his first Model "A".

David Rockola received a Presidential Citation for his contributions in manufacturing M1 Carbines during WWII.

Rock-Ola Model "A" Jukebox

The Legacy Lives On ...

Antique Apparatus

Glenn Streeter Purchased the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Company in 1992.

Glenn's early years were similar to David's. Glenn started his own business at the age of 19, selling and renting surfboards in St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

In 1977 Glenn Streeter started the Antique Apparatus Company in his garage selling Antique Radios, just 50 years after David Rockola started his business. While on a buying trip to Denver, Glenn bought 42 jukeboxes. After spending several years restoring jukeboxes and making parts for them, Glenn decided to make his own cabinets. In the early 80’s Glenn would make the first successful Nostalgic jukebox which created a whole new industry.


After purchasing the Rock-Ola company in 1992 he moved production to his factory in Torrance, California, where it still exists today.  Between David and Glenn, Rock-Ola and AACO have been Manufacturing jukeboxes for 90 years. 


Rock-Ola is know for uncompromising quality and making the finest jukeboxes in the world.

Glen Streeter of Rock-Ola
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