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An Amazing Nostalgia Product

Rock-Ola's collectable and branded Harley Davidson CD-6 jukebox, licensed by the Harley Davidson Company has become popular world wide.

The Harley Davidson Jukebox is gorgeous with the Harley Davidson logo on the front glass panel viewing the CD's and the winged eagle on the front. This Jukebox features illuminated custom-screened glass panels, arch lighting and pilasters with the American flag and and Harley Davidson inscribed across it. Intricate, expertly finished woodwork and molded accents at shoulder and crown distinguish the Harley-Davidson Nostalgic from the "rest of the pack". The crown is a beautiful eagle.


If you like tradition, the Rock-Ola CD Player Jukeboxes are a Classic! The Series VII Compact Disk Jukeboxes, with the brightest lighting ever and mechanism that flips CD's to play your favorite tunes uses only the highest quality materials.


• 100 CD Capacity Magazine.

• 2 x 450 Watts RMC Solid State Slimline Amplifier.

• 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for “Live” Performance Reproduction.

• Dual volume controls for jukebox and external speakers.

• Philips CD Player.

• Self-Adjusting Laser.

• Guitar shaped magnet holder.