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New Series VII CD & Music Center Jukeboxes

Rock-Ola Jukebox Wings Logo

Rock-Ola has always strived to make the best Jukebox in the world, and to advance the market with the latest technologies.

With the debut of our new Series VII Jukeboxes we have replaced all of the fluorescent lighting with the latest technology, Light Emitting Diodes. LED fluorescent style lamps will replace all the old fluorescent tubes.

After searching the industry we found a company that would make all of the different sizes of LED fluorescent style tubes for us. The efficiency of the new LED lighting was the original goal, but to our surprise, we discovered the amazing brightness and intensity of the colors and the increased saturation of the colors in the plastics. A Win, Win. More efficiency, 6‘ / less power, less heat, with a longer life. LEDs last 13.4 years compared to 3 years for VS fluorescents. And fluorescents lose half their light in the first year. No more Transformers or Fluorescent lamps to burn out, and the brighter colors are magnificent.

The new Series VII also features a new thinner and powerful amplifier. You will be impressed with the sound. It’s crisp, clear and louder. The CD Magnet Holder is shaped in the form of a Guitar with Rock-Ola script. There is also a New LED to light up the Background Mural in the CD Models.

Rock-Ola will debut the new Series VII at the BCA show in Las Vegas the first week in August 2015. Production will be in full swing on all models well before the holiday season.

Also look for more and exciting products from the Rock-Ola family this year from the leader in manufacturer of Nostalgic Jukeboxes.

Thank you,

Glenn S. Streeter

CEO, Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

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