July 14, 2017

Back in 2009, BETA Records visited the Rock Ola Jukebox production and sales facility in Torrance, CA. Brit interviewed Glenn Streeter and gets her own private tour.

This is a great little video on the operations at Rock-Ola. While different models of the Jukebox h...

June 18, 2017

Below you will see the Warranty card that comes with all Nostalgic Digital Music Center Jukeboxes from Rock-Ola. As soon as the Jukebox is delivered and set up properly, you will want to complete the Warranty card and send it back to Rock-Ola.

If you have to use the war...

June 18, 2017

The Nostalgic Music Center is an exciting addition to the Rock-Ola family of finely crafted classic jukeboxes featuring cutting-edge music technology and cabinetry of exceptional quality materials and craftsmanship. But this is a jukebox like no other. The Nostalgic Mu...

Rock-Ola has always strived to make the best Jukebox in the world, and to advance the market with the latest technologies.

With the debut of our new Series VII Jukeboxes we have replaced all of the fluorescent lighting with the latest technology, Light Emitting Diodes....

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How the Music Center Jukebox Works

June 18, 2017

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