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Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

As the only jukebox still made in America, Rock-Ola symbolizes a genuine American Spirit of independence and optimism. Dedicated Rock-Ola dealers throughout the world are readily supplying the jukebox that captivates the world’s imagination.  And Nostalgia Electronics sales this amazing Jukebox at amazing pricing.  Just give us a call.

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Jukebox Title Strip Creator

Need amazing and easy to create Title Strips for your Jukebox?  Enter the information you want printed on the form. If A side artist is the same as the B side artist, leave one blank. If you don't want publisher information printed, don't enter it.  Click 'Create PDF' and the PDF document will open in the window. You can then save the PDF or print it. It's that easy and looks ... oh so cool!

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Tom's Zone - The Complete Jukebox

This is an amazing resource for all you jukebox enthusiats.  It provides the history and models of all the major jukebox companies.

You'll also see other amazing features:

  • Manufactuere Listing
  • List of 1200 plus Top Music Hits for your jukebox
  • Feature Articles
  • Questions and Answers
  • Overall Jukebox Production
  • Other internet jukebox links

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